posted by Matt W on May 6th, 2015

I was listening to the radio in Chicago while I was there for training. Now, I always like stories about dumb criminals. There is just always something funny about someone catching themselves for the cops. I always appreciate the Darwin awards every year. But this one might be my favorite.

So this guy robs a Subway store at knifepoint for all the cash in the till. He walks out of the store, across the street, and into a Potbelly Sandwich Shop and orders a sandwich. He apparently really likes Potbelly and really wanted to savor the sandwich because he was caught after the police had time to review the surveillance video and track him there. He was just quietly enjoying his sandwich. I really hope they let him finish, because he really must have wanted that sandwich. Seriously.

Apparently, I need to try a Potbelly sandwich.

Now two things strike me as hilarious in this story. Number one was that the robber was caught across the street from his crime eating a sandwich. That’s funny.  I mean take a cab to a different Potbelly if you really need a sandwich. But what is even funnier in my opinion, is how bad this guy must think Subway is. He was at a Subway and was stealing from it at knife point. He could have just had them make a sandwich for him really quick to go. But what was actually going through his mind was just getting himself some Potbelly! How bad must the food be to rob the store and walk across the street for a competitor’s meal? Subway, a sandwich so bad that even hungry criminals won’t steal it.

Now if I was Potbelly I would bail this guy out and make him my spokesman, like Jared but with a criminal record. I even have their new slogan.

“Potbelly! A sandwich so good, I steal from a Subway to eat it.”

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