posted by Matt W on December 28th, 2011

Joe A and I decided to start a blog a while ago, mainly to have an outlet for my ranting and his actual writing. Joe and I edit each other’s work and while the majority of my notes are “great work, post as is,” thankfully Joe’s edits of my work resemble my returned high school English papers (he has saved all readers from a lot of bad grammar induced frustration). I once described our styles as I was writing while standing on a soapbox, and Joe A’s was done while relaxing in a rocking chair. Hopefully you appreciate the contrast. Here is my list of the top 5 posts Joe A put up this year.

Top 10 Things To Do While Your Wife Is Out Of Town - Our first Top 10 list was our best, as it best reveals what Male Pattern Madness is all about, the stupid thoughts that go through middle-aged male brains.

Goddess Empowerment – Joe and I both have “empowered” wives. This blog rang very true for me as well.

I Married Saddam Hussein – It’s awfully nice when one of the kids bails us out. Doughnuts all around.

Stupid Rolls Downhill – How come people always seem to rise above their level of competence?

Cat Scratch What? – Great piece about the generation gap.

I hope you enjoyed our writing this year. Tell us what your favorite blogs were from this year. As always comments are appreciated.

Have a great New Year!

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