posted by Matt W on February 20th, 2013

Here are my predictions for the Oscars this year. First off, I am not in the movie industry like Joe A. so my decisions aren’t based on industry know-how like his, but unlike Joe A., I have actually seen some of the movies. So to the predictions.

Supporting Actors & Actresses
I think the supporting categories usually go the actor that has a large role but for some reason gets accidentally put in the supporting actor category like Tommy Lee Jones in the “The Fugitive.” This year nobody really fits that bill so I will actually grade the performances.

  • Supporting Actors: While this was a very competitive group, with the possible exception of DeNiro who I personally thought was a bit un-DeNiro-like, I would go with Christoph Waltz in Django Unchained. He carried most of the scenes he was in; he was excellent.
  • Supporting Actress: First of all, any category with Amy Adams and Helen Hunt in it automatically gets my attention. Anne Hathaway is indeed striking as well, but will always fall into the “Kind of creepy to be attracted to someone your daughter thought was awesome in Princess Diaries” category. Sally Field’s performance just paled in comparison to ole Daniel’s performance, so she’s definitely out. Although I’m always a fan of Amy and Helen’s work, I think that Anne will probably win. Go with Hathaway.

Lead Actors & Actresses

  • Lead Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis was exactly how I envisioned Abraham Lincoln and I have read a ton of books on Lincoln. He was a funny, melancholy, loving, tormented, incredibly bright leader of a country in turmoil. He should win. As a side note, Denzel was once again amazing; it was just one of those years where he is up against someone who was even better. (Speaking of Flight, John Goodman is an amazing actor. Every time he is on the screen I am always drawn to his performance. I still say one of the biggest Academy slights was John Goodman role in the Big Lebowski being overlooked. A truly great performance.)
  • Lead Actress: As far as the lead actresses are concerned, while I was not mesmerized by any of the performances, they were all solid. If I had to go with one, I would go with Jennifer Lawrence slightly edging out Naomi Watts. I will however admit that I did not see Amour and therefore can’t really grade Ms. Riva’s performance, so I can’t be held responsible for that one.

Many years ago Forrest Gump won the Oscar for “best picture” (which is one of the Oscars biggest mistakes in my opinion). I said at the time that Forrest Gump doesn’t even belong on the same movie planet as Schindler’s List (the previous year’s winner) and that instead of giving the award to Gump, let’s just let Schindler’s List keep it for another year. I called it the Schindler’s List Rule.

  • Best Animated Feature: So anyway while I thought Brave was better than Wreck-it Ralph I would like to invoke the Schindler Rule and name The Incredibles the Best Animated movie for the 9th straight year (Wall-E gave it a real run for its money in 2008, but to no avail).
  • Best Picture: There were many good movies, but I have to agree with Joe A. on this one that most of the movies have flaws or are too politically incorrect to get widespread support. So I‘m going to go with Silver Linings Playbook as just the most universally appealing. I liked it.

So there you have it, Joe A. and Matt W.’s Male Pattern Madness Oscar predictions. By the way, it is only a valid prediction if you say it out loud (to a person) or put it in writing. After-the-fact “I knew it would win” doesn’t count. Give us your predictions and we will serve as your proof.

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