posted by Matt W on July 26th, 2013

Well it’s Friday. The Mariners are on a bit of a hot streak and Seahawks just started training camp, so both Joe A. and I are pretty happy. The transition to football is finally here for Joe and I still have a few more months of baseball to enjoy.

This week we talked about a Dad’s responsibility to prepare his children for the bad world of cheating that awaits them  after they leave the house (and sometime during their stay as well). So for today’s blog I typed “ dad’s cheating” into a web browser at work, and quickly found out that was an extremely poor choice as “on your spouse” was by far the top response and there are lots of videos. I just hope the IT guy was taking a coffee break or I might be having an interesting conversation with my boss coming up. Delete history, delete history, delete history; three times just to make sure. So safely back at home I entered cheating and games and there are literally hundreds of video game cheating sites that also pop up. If you type in cards and poker as well, hundreds more sites appear. Cheating is an industry.

Politics, finance, sports; it is truly amazing all the cheating that takes place out there. While I knew it was out there, it was just crazy when you looked at it all at once. Many big companies and names popped up; Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez popped up a lot. It was rather depressing.

So instead of a link to some weird cheating site I am back to something exciting, the Seahawks! At least they don’t cheat! Well unless of course you count adderall; wow it’s everywhere.

Have a great weekend.

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