posted by Matt W on May 29th, 2015

Recently Joe A. and I have increasingly been having problems with our website, especially with regards to links and comments. We have decided that enough is enough and will be attempting to fix it once and for all (or at least until something else breaks or the Facebook overlords decide to screw us again). While we are fixing the site behind the scenes, we have chosen a few of our favorite blogs to repost for the month of June. So barring some writer’s epiphany that we feel we have to urgently share sooner, we will be back on line with new material starting in July.

As a side note we are always looking for interesting pieces to share, so if you have a blog, idea, cartoon, or really anything you find interesting to share, you can contact Joe A. or myself at We’d love to take a look.

Thanks to all of you for following our middle-aged male rantings and writings. We always appreciate your comments and likes.

Have a great Male Pattern Madness weekend.

Joe A. and Matt W.

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