posted by Matt W on March 27th, 2013

I really don’t follow NCAA basketball as much as I used to. But as I am still a male citizen of the United States of America and still draw a breath on this planet, I think it is my God given duty to fill out a bracket for March Madness. You just have to.

This year, my daughter had to fill in a bracket for a school competition and asked for help. As I said, I don’t follow college basketball that closely but had a fun time filling in the brackets with her. Some choices were easy. She asked, “Who do you like in the Louisville versus North Car –” “LOUISVILLE!” “– olina A&T?” Some were emotional: “How about San Diego State versus Oklahoma?” “San Diego State! I will never choose an Oklahoma based basketball team, Oklahoma stole my Seattle Super Sonics.” My daughter laughed. Some were irrational: “How about Pittsburgh and Wichita State?” “Wow, to close to call. Go will Wichita because I really like their cities innovative water recharge system.” Some were gut feeling: “How about UNLV versus California?” “I like California’s defense to pull off the upset, Go Bears.” And so on throughout the entire list.

And every year there is one school that busts my bracket. Damn you Gonzaga. I have never gotten a Gonzaga game correct. When I pick them to win, they lose. When I pick them to lose they win. It’s a curse. But this year, I was determined to get it right. I was going to pick the opposite of what my gut said. Well in the first round as a number one seed, I figured even my jinx couldn’t be that crazy. So in the second round I had them in a match-up against Wichita State. As I stated above, my main “logic” for picking Wichita State in the first round was their water recharge system, but even with that as my reasoning, I felt like Gonzaga would be upset. So to reverse my Gonzaga curse, I chose against my gut and went with Gonzaga. And because I felt so bad about their chances, I picked them to get to the Finals and lose to Indiana. Now that’s some good bracket logic.

So in the first round Gonzaga barely wins against the 16th seed. So far so good, my new Gonzaga approach is barely working, but working none the less. In round two, those water recharging geniuses pull off the “shocker” and win in an upset. Gonzaga has once again busted my bracket. What is with those Bulldogs? I can’t even get it right when I go against my gut now. (Bail me out Hoosiers!)

So with the exception of a meaningless win this year against the Southern University Jaguars (a team that I didn’t even know existed until last week), I am O for life with regards to the Gonzaga Bulldogs. How can that be? What should my strategy be for next year? Do I really need to turn to Catholicism to have a winning bracket (I do hear good things about the new Pope)? That’s probably not going to happen.

I guess my bracket’s only hope for next year is if the Bulldogs only make it to the NIT.

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