posted by Joe Anaya on March 10th, 2014

I’m married to a superhero. This is not a sappy blog about how my wife is Wonder Woman or Supergirl. I didn’t marry that kind of hero. I married Hawkgirl, the mace wielding, winged, redhead from a warrior planet.

My son and I were watching a Justice League cartoon. (We’ve watched quite a few episodes.) In this episode, Hawkgirl removes her helmet and reveals her face for the first time and her redhair is emphasized in the shot. I comment, “She looks like mom.” It became a joke between us, that whenever Hawkgirl made an appearance I would cheer, “There goes mom.”

Anybody who knows me, knows I like redheads. But I also like strong women. In the movies and TV, I’ve always liked women who could take care of themselves. I’ve never liked the women who just scream and look pretty.

The perfect example of that is the Indiana Jones movies. In the first one, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) is a hard drinking, gun totin’, brawler. In the second movie Temple of Doom, Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw), just looks pretty and screams. A lot. I’ve heard of drinking games where a guy had to take a shot every time Ms. Capshaw screamed. I refuse to play for fear of alcohol poisoning.

Maybe it’s from years of imprinting from comic books, where woman were often heroes and fought side by side with the men. Or I’m sure some psychologist would say it has something to do with my mother. Anybody who knows my wife, knows, she’s not inclined to scream or whimper waiting for a man to come save her.

Once she went to see her boss and found him on his back fiddling with the glides of a file drawer. She suggested, “I bet if we just push on it really hard, it will close.” They try it and it works. Little did he know, using more force is pretty much her response to everything. A drawer is stuck, “Just slam it closed.” The box won’t latch properly, “Just jump on it.” The remote isn’t working, “Whack it a few times.” It’s her go-to answer when things aren’t quite right.

During one episode of Justice League, one of the other heroes is trying to reason with a sentient computer about to destroy the world. After a few seconds, Hawkgirl yells, “Less talking, more smashing!” She then bashes the computer with her Thanagarian mace and ends the threat. My son and I look at each other, “It is mom!”

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