posted by Matt W on May 3rd, 2013

While reading Joe A.’s piece about his beloved car it reminded me of “Car Talk”. Over the years I have driven to an astronomical number of soccer, volleyball, swimming, cross country and baseball practices. And when these drives happened to have fallen to fall on a Saturday, the NPR Saturday morning line-up is always on the radio. The witty banter of Click and Clack are a big part of Saturdays growing up with my kids. I always think it’s great when my kids tell me a “Car Talk” or “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” story from when I wasn’t even in the car with them. Apparently they liked this time together as well.

NPR has made my time with my children better and I truly appreciate that. Listen to a show or two with your kids/significant other/dog/whatever, I strongly recommend it. And if you happen to already listen think about donating.

Well, even Tom and Ray couldn’t fix Joe A.’s car and he showed it mercy and put it out of it’s misery. Tom and Ray also sadly didn’t last forever and are no longer doing new shows. We miss them.

The Subaru is dead, long live the Prius! (And thanks “Click and Clack” for many humorous Saturdays with my kids!)


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