posted by Matt W on March 11th, 2015

Everyone that has ever read a blog here at Male Pattern Madness knows that Joe A. and I are big Seahawk fans (Go Hawks!). But over the years my favorite team has always been the Seattle Mariners. Every February when pitchers and catchers report, there is a bit of a jump in my steps for a few days. It is baseball season. And as a Mariner fan this is the time of the year where hope rings eternal. The Mariners are not the “just missed the playoffs Mariners,” they are the “potential world champion Mariners.”

This year I have two baseball feel good stories to start the Male Pattern Madness baseball season.

The first is a story about a Mariner minor leaguer Patrick Kivlehan.  A few years ago he was finishing his senior season of college football at Rutgers and mentioned that he missed baseball to his buddies. They persuaded him to ask the Rutgers baseball coach for a try out. He was allowed to play on the team but wasn’t expected to play much when the Rutgers 3rd baseman injured his knee. He won the starting job at third and went on to be the first person in Big East history to win the Triple Crown. All this as a kid who hadn’t played ball since high school; it was truly amazing. He was drafted by the Mariners and in two short years has become one of their top prospects with a very realistic opportunity to see action in the big Leagues this season. Well I have always kept an eye out for him in the box scores and had the opportunity to see him play in person in a few minor league games. He is one of those guys that you hope it all works out for.

My other story is about my license plate. When I walk the hallways at work, every once in a while someone will say, “My Oh My” as I pass. It always makes me laugh. The reason east Tennessee knows about Dave Neihaus, the longtime Mariners announcer is because of my wife. A few years ago now, Dave Neihaus passed away suddenly. It was like having a family member pass away for me. He was a big part of my life. One of my birthday presents that year was a large envelope that I had no idea what was in it. Not knowing what I am getting is extremely rare in my gift receiving life. When I opened it I read the words MY O MY, they radio catch phrase of Mr. Neihaus for years. It is one of the most unexpected and thoughtful gifts I have ever received.

I love my license plate. It makes me smile every time I see it.

Well, its spring training and I’m excited about baseball. The Mariners look really good this year, seriously good, not just optimistic Mariner fan good, and baseball is in the air. I sit in my Mariner shirt, in my office in Tennessee with a baseball on my desk as I type this. Its baseball season and life is good.

My Oh My!

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