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We have a special treat, not just a guest blogger, but also our first female guest blogger.  Today’s blog is by Laura Somers, writer/director of ManDoula, a comedy film about a commitment-phobic slacker who becomes a birth coach for men.  Enjoy.

Any woman who has given birth will tell you that she was grateful to have as much support around her as possible during the process.  An increasing number of doulas have been coming into the labor rooms to provide that extra TLC to moms.

What exactly is a doula?  A doula is a person who assists women during the rigors of childbirth.   While the doctors and nurses are going from one patient to another, the doula is glued to her mother-to-be’s side, giving backrubs, emotional support and more.

But hey, how come the moms get all the attention?  Sure, they’re doing the majority of the work, but who’s gonna be there to keep Dad from completely losing it?

This is where a MANDoula comes in!  Yep, that’s right…a doula devoted entirely to dads!

Here are ten reasons why you should hire a ManDoula:

1.  A ManDoula will have a list of all the RIGHT things to say.  Labor is a crazy time, a time when all reason flies out the window.  Maybe you are the type that freaks out in hospitals or gets squeamish at the sight of blood.  Mom’s expecting you to be solid as a rock.  A ManDoula can remind you of the right things to say at the right time, for example: “You’re so strong, Honey,” vs “Your veins are bulging.”

2.  A ManDoula can be your bodyguard.  Avoiding unnecessary interventions that keep you and your woman from focusing on the task at hand, those hysterical in-laws and crabby Nurse Ratchets will steer clear after your ManDoula tightens up security.

3.  A ManDoula will crack open the six-pack.  Staying calm and hydrated is a must for dads in order to keep up their emotional reserves for laboring moms.  If you’re staying dry?  A ManDoula can pack in some O’Douls for you, keeping the party vibe alive while you keep on your toes.

4. A ManDoula can provide a killer labor playlist.  Every birth room needs some smooth jams to help Mom push to the beat of her contractions. It’s proven that singing during labor keeps oxygen flowing, whether your taste is Prince or Prodigy.

5.  A ManDoula provides snacks. – Meat sticks, cheese sticks, carrot sticks.  You need the energy so you don’t get all crankypants. But for God’s sake, don’t be a creep and eat in front of her.

6.  A ManDoula can answer your questions.  The last thing a laboring mom wants to hear is:  “How are you feeling?”  “How bad does it hurt?” “How much longer?”  She wants you to shut up for one minute as she gets through her contraction.  You can ask all these questions to your ManDoula.   He has been trained to read a woman’s mind.

7.  A ManDoula can help you install that brand new car seat.  Sure, you “forgot.”  Everybody knows installing car seats is venturing into the tenth circle of hell.

8.   A ManDoula can demonstrate how to breastfeed.  On second thought, it’d be best to leave that to a lactation specialist.

9.  A ManDoula will remember to take pictures.  Face it, you’re going to be in shellshock by the last push.  Let your ManDoula take photos, update your Facebook status, and Tweet your little bundle of joy’s stats. And he knows to avoid certain camera angles.

10.  A ManDoula will tenderly stroke your head while you weep seeing your child for the first time.  Congratulations, bro.  You’re a father.

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