posted by Joe Anaya on January 28th, 2013

In the digital age, everyone’s music is on a hard drive or their phone. I’ve renewed my efforts to copy the last of my CDs to my hard drive. Dutifully scanning any odd art work that isn’t available online and correctly labeling the actual publishing years for individual songs on the “Best of” albums (not the year the “Best of” album was released). But changing the technology reminds me of how old I really am.

Year’s ago, I gave up on my turntable. I had a really nice one, not one of those outrageously expensive glass platters, but a really nice one. After moving a couple of times somehow the stylus broke. I replaced it once and some how it broke again. Then there was the constant getting up to flip the vinyl album over. Does anyone remember how short an album side really is? Once while sitting in an editing room with a couple of other audiophiles, we were discussing how, “technically the vinyl album was a better sound quality than the CD 16 bit audio.” Then we each confessed that we had given up on our turntables. Like a squirrel in winter, I still have the albums in a closet somewhere, just in case. “In case” of what, I’m not sure, but they’re there if I need them.

As my CD collection grew, I got a fancy 300 CD changer. I left it up to our teenager to load and ID the CDs in the carousel. It had 7 different categories for classifying the CDs. My wife and I debated how to sort them. Classical, Jazz, etc. are pretty easy. But then we got a little muddled with Pop, Rock, Soul, Oldies. Are the Beatles Rock or Pop? Is James Brown Soul or Oldies? The teen-ager chips in, “Everything before Green Day is oldies.” “Okay, you don’t get to sort them,” I declare. Yet, another barb of how dealing with music is making me feel old.

Now, I’ve fully embraced the digital music. I love hearing a song and just downloading it instantly to all my devices. I love the cleanness of my own mix “tapes.” Or making my own hits station on Pandora. But as I’m slowly digitizing the last of my CDs, I’m wondering what’s next in music and how will it make my hard-drive-bound tunes obsolete and thereby make me feel even older.

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