posted by Joe Anaya on August 31st, 2012

The Seahawks quarterback controversy is an age old question, well actually two. So the Seahawks had the physically gifted Tavaris Jackson, and the more cerebral Matt Flynn. They also have a pretty good rookie in the smart, physically talented while shorter than the average NFL quarterback or for that matter shorter than the After Thanksgiving pick-up game quarterback, Russell Wilson.

Matt W: First of all, I would just like to point out that I am taking the progressive, new age side to this argument…. Joe’s the old curmudgeon this week.
Joe A: The fact that Matt thinks picking an alternate view is the “new age” speaks volumes about his inherent curmudgeon-ness.

Q: Superior athlete, who makes mental mistakes (classic $10 million dollar airport with a 10¢ control tower), or the physically less gifted player that makes great decisions.
Matt W: My point has always been I want a smarter player on the field, period (I always think of Bernie Kosar). Flynn and Wilson, both make smarter decisions than Jackson. So, Jackson is out.
Joe A: We agree on this point. But the physical abilities have to be relatively close, which really goes for all the debates. Einstien, no matter how much smarter he was, would not have made a good NFL QB.
The Seahawks agree, Jackson was traded to Buffalo.

Q: The other question is starting a veteran (Flynn) over a rookie (Wilson). Bud Grant once said you lose one game for every rookie you start.
Matt W: If you have two smart players then go with the more physically gifted one. In this case, that would be Russell Wilson. It’s an easy decision for me.  (Apparently for the Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll, as well.) I fully expect the league to figure out Wilson. I fully expect the Seahawks to lose a game this year because of some mistake Wilson makes. But I also expect him to figure out the league and learn from his mistakes. And when the Seahawks get to the post season, and need the best and smartest athlete on the field to beat the best teams, I think Wilson is that person. With Flynn they would win more games against opponents they are supposed to beat this year, but with Wilson they could win games they aren’t necessarily supposed to win.  And next year the sky is the limit. That is how you win Super Bowls and isn’t that the ultimate goal.
Joe A: The goal IS to win Superbowls. The best way to do that is to have a solid starting QB. You get a solid starting QB by developing them. Certainly, some rookies are exceptional and can start as rookies, loose lots of games because of their mistakes and take a beating from opposing teams, fans, media and even some teammates, while they’re developing. But those players are few and far between, far more of the solid QBs develop by spending some time on the bench, acclimating to the NFL, the speed of the game, the complexities of opposing defenses, and working out the kinks in their weaknesses. It may take 3 seasons (Aaron Rodgers) or a few games (Eli Manning). Unless there are injuries (Flynn was injured cinching Wilson’s start) or desperation, typically the best long-term plan is to let the rookie sit, learn, and win lots of games and a couple of Superbowls when they’re fully developed.

Matt W: The bottom line is that Pete Carroll apparently agrees with me this time (I’m not sure that I take much comfort from that). So, we get to see if a rookie can survive and excel in the league. It should be a very interesting experiment. I hope I’m right and the Seahawks finally win the ring!

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