posted by Matt W on November 20th, 2013

Recently, a golf writer, Brandell Chamblee, called out Tiger Woods for cheating. Actually documenting past and current incidents of cheating. Tiger’s agent threatened a lawsuit. Other golfers whined that Chamblee, as a former PGA professional, broke the code that you can never call someone out for cheating. Mr. Chamblee actually had to apologize then quit his job with Sports Illustrated because of the outrage. That’s crap.

Over the course of the season, Tiger “interpreted” the rules differently than I would have on a few occasions. Really, Mr. Woods wins 5 tournaments this year but still feels the need to stretch the rules. Tiger cheated and he needs to be called out.

So, let’s start with the Masters. First of all, I would like to say that hitting a flagstick almost always sucks. Tiger Woods hit a great shot and was rewarded by having the ball carom off the flagstick into the water. Ouch. Well, he then proceeded to take a drop, hit another great shot and sink the putt. Easy birdie turns into a tough bogey. Nicely played Tiger. He finished his round, signed for a bogey on the 15th and went to the press tent to talk about his round.

While in the tent, he mentioned that he dropped his ball “a couple yards behind” where he hit his original shot to get a slightly better yardage. This is clearly a penalty and as he signed his now incorrect scorecard that is an automatic disqualification. So, early the next morning Tiger is called into the Masters Tournament office and there is a huge media frenzy with everyone speculating that Tiger Woods has been called in because he broke this rule and might be kicked out of the Masters.

The Masters then makes a bonehead call and gives him a two-stroke penalty instead of disqualifying him. There is no other person in the field (with maybe the possible exception of Phil Mickelson) that they would do this for. Now, I realize that the Masters, CBS, ESPN, and Tiger Woods all have a great deal to lose if Tiger Woods is forced to withdraw from the tournament.  Typically, when Tiger is in the running for a championship, the ratings double; literally double. When I asked someone from my office who isn’t a golf fan to name as many golfers as he could he replied “Tiger Woods, and Jack Nicholson.” Apparently, not a big movie buff either. But my point is this, even if you don’t watch or know anything about golf you know who Tiger Woods is. But letting him stay in the tournament was like saying, “We realized Derek Jeter just struck out, but we are going to let him take first anyway because we would rather see the Yankees win than the Seattle Mariners. They are a much bigger draw and we make more money when they are in contention for the World Series. Sorry Mariners.”

Golf is taught to be self-governing and if you find out you have broken the rules, it is up to you to self-impose consequences. Tiger cheated and didn’t do anything about it and golfers are above that; it’s what makes the sport great. Then for good measure, Mr. Woods went out and “bent” the rules a few more times this year. It makes me wonder what he teaches kids at his Tiger Woods Foundation. “Remember kids; don’t cheat… well unless of course you are powerful enough to get away with it like me.”

Thank you Brandell Chamblee for standing up for what is right and once again bringing to the attention of the sports world that Tiger cheated. But unfortunately, as with most people who stand up against powerful adversaries, Chamblee will pay the price for speaking out for many years to come.

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