posted by Matt W on January 22nd, 2014

I have been a Seahawks fan since their beginning. I’m sure I’m one of the few people that remember Steve Niehaus was their first draft pick ever, although truth be told, I only remember that because he had the same last name as my favorite baseball announcer, Dave Niehaus; he didn’t do that much as a player. My point is I’ve been a fan since the actual beginning and my loyalty has never wavered. And in two weeks’ time, I will be rewarded for this loyalty with a Super Bowl. I’m excited.

With that said, I will say that the old curmudgeon in me has reared its ugly head a few times lately with regards to the Seahawks. So in an attempt to only have positive thoughts Super Bowl Sunday, I’m going to let the two headed Excited Super Bowl Fan/Old Curmudgeon monster vent a bit. Here we go.

ESBF: The 12th man is awesome! I have been to a few road games this year and they are always out in force. Truly the best fans in football. I’m a proud 12!

OC: If the 12’s really did throw food on Navarro Bowman as he left the field with an injury; that is the lowest of the low. He’s a great player who plays the game right. He should have received a standing O from EVERYONE and not a mustard covered hot dog scrap. It’s great to be supportive, loyal and loud, but never an ass. Ever. Unfortunately, more and more people think the price of a ticket, gives them that right.

ESBF: I love Kam Chancellor. I want players on my team that bring the lumber with every hit, get excited about their play, and walk back to the huddle. He lets his play do the talking. I’m also a huge fan of Lynch for this reason. I had a coach in junior high who said, “I want you to bury him into the ground, offer him a hand up, and then bury him into the ground the next play. I like that kind of football and am happy they both have long contracts.

OC: Richard Sherman, not so much. While I think his initial interview after the NFC Championship game that everyone is ranting about was adrenaline filled and honest, the rest of his act between games has already worn thin with me. Joe A. likes his attitude and owns his jersey; I quietly hope there is a trade this off-season no matter how good he is.

ESBF: I was also excited to see Peyton Manning make it to the Super Bowl. Manning is a god-like figure in Tennessee, and for good reason. He comes to Knoxville quite often supporting the University of Tennessee, and in all the years I have lived here, I have never heard a bad word about him. Never. The stories about his generosity in our community are too numerous to count. And that whole “One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time” thing is also nice. I wish him luck in his Super Bowl quest.

OC: Not this year old man; you’re going down.

ESBF: New York City is a great place. What an awesome place to hold a Super Bowl!

OC: What kind of a moron picked NYC as the site of the Super Bowl…outdoors? Really? I’ve been in NYC in February in perfect weather and froze my ass off and I don’t get cold very easily. If a storm comes through and the most important game of the year is battled in 6 inches of snow, that would … be unfortunate (my wife says I should swear less).

Well, I think I can get off my soapbox now and focus all my positive attitude on a Seahawk’s Super Bowl win (unless of course Sherman spouts his mouth again).

Go Seahawks!

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