posted by Joe Anaya on June 17th, 2013

Two years ago, Matt W and I launched this little endeavor known as Male Pattern Madness. It was the brainchild of Matt W’s unemployment boredom, my urge to have a creative outlet, and our chats on the phone were we made each other laugh. I thought I’d give our readers a little peak at our process, such that it is.

About twice a week Matt W. and I will talk on the phone. There’s no schedule, just a random event. Usually one of us is on a longer drive home from work, on our way to a meeting or going to pick up our kids. Our conversations cover the gamut from sports, politics, family, work, entertainment or whatever’s happening in our lives. Eventually, one of us will tell a story or make an observation that makes the other laugh out load, “That’s a blog.” After two years, some times it’s tough to find something new to post about. But usually, something come up during our conversations.

I’ll take the couple of ideas Matt W. suggested, write up one and send it to Matt W. for edits. Usually our notes are pretty broad, “I don’t get this sentence” or “feels like there could be a better joke here.” I’ll make the edits and post it for the next week. (Or the next day, if I’m behind.) Generally, we don’t look at the post again once it goes up.

We’ll read comments and respond. We like comments and “likes,” it makes it more personal. We get to know who’s reading and not just our analytical data that says, “Fifty people read the post.” And then on to the next one. I post every Monday and Matt W. posts every Wednesday and we alternate Fridays.

So there you go. No big surprise, no secret. Just a little inside info on a day when I couldn’t think of anything to post.

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