posted by Matt W on May 16th, 2012

As Joe A. said in his recent blog, boys are indeed clueless when it comes to reading other people’s expressions. With the addition of technological blinders, they are even more unaware of what is going on around them. It doesn’t stop with boys.

While driving my daughter off to volleyball practice, I asked her if she and the other co-captain had plans to talk to the players this practice as the last practice was a disaster because of lack of effort. The coach had called them out at the end of practice and said “If you don’t want to practice this much, then tell me and I will take care of it.” My daughter said to me that she had talked to the other co-captain and that indeed they were having a player’s only meeting to discuss practice time.  Intrigued I asked, “Practice time?” She replied that the coach had said they needed to tell him the truth and to tell him if they wanted to practice less leading into a national tournament. They were going to discuss it as a team.


First off, when I was a kid (I will leave out the cluelessness concerning her parents’ substantial financial commitment to her sport ), if anyone answered anything other than “NO SIR!” to the question of less practice time, we would have literally ran until at least one person puked. Verifiable vomit.  We just prayed that someone was a real lightweight (or actually a heavyweight, as it was usually the big guys that broke first) or had just eaten a big meal, so we didn’t have to run FOREVER!

So back to my daughter.  My response was, “You realize there is only one correct answer to that question don’t you?” “That’s not correct.  He said that we really needed to tell him the truth about how we felt,” she responded. As I have met the coach, and he played college basketball, and is old enough that I’m sure he puked from doing hundreds of sets of lines for a pissed-off coach, my daughter obviously misread him. Kids just don’t see beyond their own little box of reality. The scary part, as Joe A. described in his blog, is my sons are actually worse. They have the added element of video game induced cluelessness.

Well, as always when I asked my Father whether I was as clueless as my children, his response came as close to the real truth as possible. He said, “Well as far as I can remember, it seems like you were a little more aware of what was going on around you than what you tell me about your kids… but I can assure you that you weren’t as smart as you remember yourself.” Point taken.

So there it is. While video games, cell phones, Facebook, etc. have led our children away from the types of interactions needed to really be aware of what is going on around them, the bottom-line is, even with video games, my kids are only a little more stupid than I apparently was. I figure in 25 years they will probably be as wise as I am now, and I will be as wise as my Dad.

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