posted by Matt W on September 28th, 2012

Well, this week we talked about Video Games and the Statute of Limitations in a relationship. While my wife has a long memory, sports fans have even longer ones (there is no statute of limitations for a sports fan). As a childhood Oakland Raider fan and an adult Seattle Seahawks fan (I’ve been a Seahawk fan their entire existence), I will never forget Franco Harris’ immaculate reception (lucky bastard) or how the Seahawks were cheated out of Super Bowl XL by the officials (blind wackos). Come to think of it, the Pittsburgh Steelers have stolen games from me twice. If it wasn’t for Terry Bradshaw being so dang cool, I would probably never forgive them. Anyway, for the rest of my life as a Seahawk fan, I will be reminded by every Green Bay Packer fan that my Seahawks (and the incompetent replacement referees) stole the game from them. Well, Joe A. was going to write a rebuttal to all the Packer fans but found this site that summarized his thoughts quite well and asked me to post.

So there you have it Packer fans, while there is no Statute of Limitations on your anger, you are SOL (and the Seahawks didn’t even cheat to beat you).

I will leave you with a couple of Gary Varvel comics to enjoy. Have a great weekend.


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