posted by Joe Anaya on December 26th, 2011

It’s already been 6 months since we’ve started our middle-aged man blog. Writing 3 posts a week, we’ve actually accumulated quite a few posts. Here are my favorite Matt W posts from 2011. I often tease Matt W about how he’s just this side of being a crabby old man sitting on the porch yelling at kids to stay off his lawn. In no particular order:

Customer Service? – This post perfectly captures the frustration we’ve all felt dealing with customer service.

Kickball 2011 Sucks – Matt W’s love of sports, nostalgia and crotchetiness are in full bloom.

Taking Typing Seriously – Oh, how things have changed.

Why Can’t Kids Just Get Over It? – The struggles of being a parent and how our childhood effects our memories.

The Questions Women Ask – One of the universal truths for men.

Thanks for reading and enjoy.

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