posted by Joe Anaya on February 16th, 2015

Am I the only one who didn’t know Veteran’s Day had been moved to Sunday not Monday? After I posted Monday’s blog about Veteran’s Day, I got a few messages letting me know I had missed it. What happened? Months ago, I thought President’s Day got moved. Instead of a Monday, it’s now a Friday. But that was wrong, it was only the school system that moved the day-off to a Friday instead of the Monday.

As you know, I already have issues with holidays, two-holiday speed limit is my thing. But apparently it’s not the only issue I have with holidays. I confess, I often get confused with holidays that don’t have decorations. Christmas has red and green and trees and winter and all sorts of stuff. Thanksgiving has fall colors, turkeys and pilgrims and Native Americans. Valentine’s Day has all the hearts and candy and cupids. Who doesn’t recognize St. Patrick’s Day has green clovers, leprechauns and drunks?

It’s also super easy to keep track of holidays with dates in them. New Year’s Day happens every January 1, that’s pretty easy to remember. Cinco De Mayo is a no brainer if you speak Spanish. Independence Day has a huge advantage because it’s known as 4th of July AND has red, white and blue decorations, and flags and fireworks.

It’s the next level of holidays that perplex me. Labor Day, Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day are all a bit of a blur to me. They’re all on a Monday, as far as I know. But which Mondays I’m not really sure. I know one is early summer, another is late summer. The third,…uh…hmm. I know Labor Day celebrates all the workers and the labor movement. Veteran’s Day celebrates veterans. But Memorial Day is a little confusing. It’s for people who have died, no it’s for veteran’s who have died. Do they have to have died in combat? My dad was a veteran who retired and then died. Do I celebrate his service on Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day? (I generally pick Veteran’s Day.) It’s not like someone is enforcing some law, but I’d like to know.

When I was a kid, we used to celebrate Lincoln’s birthday and Washington’s birthday. Then at some point, someone combined them into President’s Day because their birthdays were close to each other. It’s on a Monday some where during the year, maybe a Friday, but I’m pretty certain it’s a Monday. (Now I’m thinking it’s a 4 day holiday celebrated on Friday AND Monday.)

Then mix in odd days like Arbor Day or Columbus Day or union days off for holidays. Throw in some religious holidays or days with their separate calendars. I’m looking at you, Rosh Hashanah, Chinese New Year, and Ramadan. I realized I really don’t know what’s happening on about half of the holidays. So, forgive me if I miss congratulating you on a holiday that’s important to you or please, awkwardly accept my greetings for some holiday that hasn’t happened yet. I may get it down someday, but if they keep moving them, I offer no guarantees.

Originally Posted Nov. 19, 2012

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