posted by Matt W on May 15th, 2013

I am old; at least in terms of technology.

The other day, I received an e-mail confirming that the e-mail I had sent had been forwarded on. Here is a line from the e-mail.

This is the e-mail from Matt…:)

So the first thing that crosses my mind is “Where is the first parenthesis? What is this random parenthesis trying to group?” I read back a ways to look for it. Nothing. Then it crosses my mind it is one of those face type things everyone puts in notes. So I turn my head sideways and see a smiling Native American complete with feather headdress. Cool, I’ve never seen that one before. I then realize it is just an ellipsis … followed by a more common smiley face :) . That was a lot of brain work for one little line, and kind of disappointing. Stuff like this is a pretty common occurrence for me these days.

As you can imagine, I am not a big fan of texting. I seriously don’t get what is trying to be communicated most of the time. And if I did, why would I want to communicate that way? Even if I understand the gist of the message, if my kids want something from me, I usually just text back that I need the message in English and preferably with their voice. When I’m bored I send text messages that are actually longer than normal as a form of minor rebellion:

Eye’m currant Lee weighting at the Dock tore comma wear ARRRR ewe question mark

I’m sure my family thinks I’m hilarious :D .

Facebook also throws me for a loop. When I first signed up, one of my friends from college Maia L. “friended” me. That was very cool as I really liked Maia L. and she posts cool things. But after a while, I notice that I have been poked by her. What the heck is a poke for? I also notice that it happened months ago. Whoops. So I send her a message and she laughs and says that I’m just supposed to poke her back. Check. I still don’t understand the point of the act, but I totally understand the procedure. I’m ready for next time. However, recently I noticed that I had been poked by Maia L. again. So I look all over to figure out how you poke someone back and then notice that she had poked me over 10 months ago. Now I’m embarrassed to poke her back. I’m sure if there is a Facebook setting to label your “friend” as a loser friend, she checked that box a long time ago. Sorry Maia L., I really do like reading your posts. I will just close before EVERYBODY checks my Facebook loser box.

As there are so many examples of me being stuck in the 20th century (Joe A. could literally write volumes about my lack of tech savvy), it is incredibly ironic that I have written a blog for a couple of years now, as I am the least likely to have done it because it involves a computer. A big thanks to Joe A. for dragging me along and a special tribute to all those happy Native Americans …:).

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