posted by Joe Anaya on October 22nd, 2012

I had a good idea for a blog but I forgot what it was. This is the story of my blogging life.

I’ve had many good ideas for blogs but I’ve forgotten a lot of them. I don’t think they’re senior moments, I’m not that old. It’s much more about inspiration for a 400 to 500-word blog is a fleeting thing. Most often, Matt W. and I chat on the phone and B.S. about this and that and one of us will say something that makes the other say, “That’s a blog.” Bada-bing, the inspiration hits, then what?

Sometimes the inspiration hits when I’m in my car and can’t write and drive at the same time, so I try repeating the idea, until I can get someplace to write down the idea. But that rarely works. Most of the time, I just remember that I had a good idea. I remember being in the car talking to Matt W. “Uh, what were we talking about?” No clue; another blog idea left for dead along the roadside. Like Charlie in Flowers for Algernon, it’s more irritating knowing I once had a good idea, than not having an idea at all.

As mentioned in another blog, I keep a note pad and pen in my man-purse. If I’m not in my car, I quickly jot down the idea, usually just a few key words. Sometimes I don’t write down enough words to later remember what the idea was. Once I wrote down “Man cave.” While I know what a man cave is, I have no clue what my idea for a blog about man caves was.

The other culprit is that I literally cannot read my own handwriting. I have the penmanship of a palsy three-year old, especially when I’m writing quickly, which is what happens when I’m trying to get all my ideas down in the moment of inspiration. When I write eight words to remind me of the blog idea and I can’t read three of them, that’s another dead idea.

Once for some reason, I didn’t have my notepad, so I used the notes section on my phone. I could actually read my words, problem solved. So, for a while, I tried using my phone as a notepad and keyed in ideas. But with fat fingers, annoying auto-fill, and bad spell check, my notes on my phone are clearly legible, but often cryptic. “Shaq wood karma,” was a note I left myself. Anyone know what it means? I sure don’t. After that doozy, I went back to my notepad.

So here’s my blog for today. It came from a note I made Matt W. email to me while he was at a computer. Even with his help, it took a bit of deciphering to figure out the message I dictated for myself.

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