posted by Matt W on February 11th, 2015

For the first couple of decades of my marriage I always got a two pound box of dark chocolate caramels for my wife every Valentine’s Day. While don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the ease of selecting the gift, it did have a nice sentiment as well. Double Bonus, easy and thoughtful… a husbands dream scenario.

Fast forward to a few years ago.

So my wife became a workout fiend and dark chocolate caramels were taken off the appropriate gift list, and apparently just having them in the house was a divorceable offense, “Are you trying to make me fail!”

“Sorry dear, you used to think it was nice” was my tail between the legs response that first year.

While she still works out more in a week than I hope to work out the rest of my life, over time she became less traumatized by candy in the house and a couple years ago I thought I should order the old reliable two pound box for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

She went on a no sugar diet. Crap! Doesn’t she realize I have a hard enough time remembering Valentine’s Day let alone thinking up a clever, and what’s that other word… oh yah, loving gift?

So recently my wife started eating a little sugar and I thought, Hey, I could get her a box of caramels this year without any negative implications. She might even think it’s cute and loving, cool.

The See’s Candies website kept kicking me out right before I could place the order. Literally a dozen times. Crazy. But because of the undying love I have for my wife I persevered and finally placed the order.

Hopefully she won’t come up with some different dark chocolate caramels can’t be in my house for any reason ultimatum between now and Valentine’s Day.

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