posted by admin on December 30th, 2011

Top 10 Blogs of 2011

In the spirit of the holidays, we have created another post that allows us to spend precious time with our family and friends (be lazy). Joe A and Matt W have both weighed in on their favorite blogs of the year. Here are the 10 blogs that received the most views throughout the year to get you started.

10 & 9.  Top Ten Albums – This series apparently struck a chord with middle-aged-males. Our only blog that received more male comments than women’s (we heard you).

8.  Best Kiss Ever – A potentially creepy blog that turned out great. Nice work Joe A.

7.  Hair Cuts And Lap Dogs – Keep your hair neatly trimmed, guys.

6.  Worst Parent Ever – Lots of comments in support of just giving in and being who we are as parents.

5. Mood Ring Lizard – This post started slow but keeps building momentum.

4.  Injurus Nocturnus – Our guest post from Dan M. In was on the golf course with a buddy and asked what was wrong with him, and his reply was “Injurus Nocturnus”. It’s going viral.

3.  My Dog Is A Dandy – Our first guest post, from Dave S. Man’s best friend indeed.

2.  Hopelessly Devoted – A tribute to our beloved Seahawks. “I just can’t quit you.”

1.  Top 10 Things To Do When Your Wife Goes Out Of Town – The quintessential Male Pattern Madness blog.

That’s the list by page views, but maybe you have a favorite not on the list, or think one should be higher. Feel free to let us know.

Thanks for being a part of our venture into blogging. We hope you continue to read our work in the New Year and again have a great holiday!

Joe A and Matt W

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