posted by Matt W on March 4th, 2015

I recently stayed at Joe A.’s house and a major topic of discussion was our mutual desire to construct a tiny house. During one of these conversations, our wives chimed in that we should buy a piece of property in a nice location and build each couple a tiny house on the property. Interesting. My immediate thought was why not build a centrally located entertainment area for when friends and family were in town that we could share, kind of like the community center at an apartment complex. That way we would have the environmentally friendly aspects of our tiny village while still being able to have non-Lilliputian friends over and make them feel comfortable. Everyone latched onto that thought and continued to discuss this now finalized idea for the next couple of days. I, on the other hand, immediately had constant visions of additional tiny houses popping up in my head.

Every activity we took part in prompted a tiny house thought. First, there was the actual construction of tiny houses to be done. I immediately thought we would need a workshop tiny house to do all the work in. It would probably need a tiny shed to keep all the tiny materials in. When we all sat down to watch the Academy Awards, a home theatre tiny house popped into my mind. How cool would that be? I have a feeling Joe and I would hang out there a lot. When all of us were trying to cook together an additional community tiny home for cooking and food storage was designed in my head. A workout tiny home was conceived after stuffing myself with all the food we created. The entire weekend was filled with additional tiny houses to create. By the time we were packing up to leave Joe’s house, I had created an additional 5000 square feet of tiny houses to downsize into. Joe said my creation was usually just called a trailer park (I’ll start looking for property in a flood or tornado zone so we can get started).

As we continue to kick children out of our home, my wife and I are looking to dramatically downsize. While my wife would be just fine in a tiny home, I would not. I think the dozens of tiny homes I created in my mind solidified this thought. I need space. Also the thought of climbing a ladder to get to my bed, showering in a stall were my shoulders touch on both sides and cooking in a room with others where I personally barely fit, would all last less than a week. Have I mentioned I need space?

So, my new plan is to find a spacious house like my current home, just with a lot less rooms. That way I can be much more environmentally friendly, while not losing my mind. And as a bonus, I will still get to build a tiny home in the back yard, as where else will my children stay when they visit when I have gotten rid of all their rooms?

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