posted by Matt W on January 1st, 2014

Well, we have completed another year of blogging on Male Pattern Madness. On Monday, Joe A. reviewed my blogs from the past year and highlighted a few of his favorites. Now I get to return the favor.

When we first started blogging, we made the conscious decision not to get too political with our topics. But this last year Joe A. did some of his best work on a piece about the state of marriage in the U.S.  Marriage Equality was one of my favorite pieces of the year.

Some of my other favorites in no particular order are:

Guy Fight was a blog about the age old male question “Who would win if we fought?”

Holiday Memories was a piece about Joe A.’s melting pot family, holiday experiences.

Why Am I Late  was about the age old spousal debate about who made who late.

Tech Support From India was a potentially disrespectful, but highly amusing look at customer service.

And finally, It Is Rocket Science was a look at the different way men and women look at projects.

I hope you enjoyed Joe A.’s unique view of the world this year; I know I certainly did.

Happy New Year!


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