posted by Matt W on May 9th, 2014

Years ago when I was young and naive, I thought I could coach just about any team better than their current coach. Why is Renee Lachemann (Mariners) bringing in Bobby Ayala? Why did Chuck Knox (Seahawks) run up the middle for the sixth straight time? Why is my son’s little league coach calling for the change-up when he only knows how to throw fastballs? (Sorry for the Seattle sports references if you’re not from there. They’re  funny if you are). But in reality, as I naively thought throughout the years, I am probably not as good of a coach as these people were. I had plenty of opportunities to volunteer to coach my children’s teams (once was enough), and I’m currently not being considered (that I know of) by any MLB or NFL team as their next manager since I stopped playing baseball and football in 8th grade when I was the smallest person in the league by about 40 pounds. And as I have always liked the more cerebral side of sports, and also like to come up with solutions to problems and then let other people run with them, it’s clear to me that my real talents lay as a general manager. As such, I love the draft.

Well, the first round of the NFL draft last night for the Seahawks was the type of draft night that only an Arm Chair GM can love. I watched as the conference rival, Rams, selected two of my favorite players on the board. Ouch! I cringed as the Steelers picked the most Seahawky player in the draft, and I was very disappointed when a defensive lineman I really liked was picked only a couple of picks before the Seahawks. And then the Seahawks pick went to the podium. Who will it be, a receiver, a stretch for an offensive lineman, trade back (that’s what I would do)… Who?

“With the 32 pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks trade to the Minnesota Vikings for their 2nd and 4th round pick.”

“Awesome!”  I was right, I even picked the Vikings as their trade partner. Sweet.

There I was, sitting on my couch, at midnight, by myself (even my dog was sleeping), and actually said the word “awesome” out loud. I am an Arm Chair GM, and apparently a little bit of a loser. Oh well.

Anyway, what will they do with their extra pick today? Defensive lineman, receiver, tackle? I can’t wait.

And just think, the baseball draft is just around the corner.

Go Seahawks (and Mariners)!

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