Here’s a quick Dilbert cartoon about stress in the work place.

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In the past, one of my jobs was putting together the end credits of the movies I worked on. Typically not a difficult job, a little tedious (If you’ve ever sat through the end of a movie and watched all the names go by, than you know there are a lot of workers that go

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This week we wrote about wishing for or regretting lower standards. Here’s a couple of comics. Enjoy.  

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I have been a part of some pretty impressive projects during my career. A lot of quality work went into these projects and it is always nice to see the fruits of these labors. Recently, I was in Las Vegas and went hiking in the foothills just outside the city and there was an exhibit

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Being freelance, I’ve worked at a lot of locations. From regular offices spaces to hip trendy places to hole in the wall offices near the beach. The craziest place I worked was in an office building in a very seedy part of town. The first thing to know was that at night, the main street

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I was at a party this weekend, having a pleasant conversation with a guy, when his cell phone rang. He glanced at the number and excused himself and went off to take the call. A few minutes later he came back and bemoaned “Why is it was so hard for my workers to figure things

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As a father, I am very familiar with the concept of spending less time on a project if I just did it myself.  While in theory having my sons mow the lawn might have saved me time, in reality with all the time I spent asking them to get started, in addition to the amount

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We, here at Male Pattern Madness, have documented many disadvantages of getting older: declining physical prowess, declining mental acuity, declining sharpness in more or less everything. There are however a few advantages to being middle aged. The biggest is the ability to throw money at any problem. Typically, by middle-age, men have reached a certain

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On Monday, Joe A. wrote about how his mother thought he should go into computers and his aptitude tests directed him toward a career in the circus. Apparently every once in a while you should listen to your mother. Nah. Well anyway, as I had recently written about bees, I remembered a comic about bee career

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I was supposed to be a billboard sign painter or a circus performer, at least according to my high school “Interests and Aptitude Test.” At the time, it was funny, but as I think about it, those actually don’t sound that bad. Even then I guess I had an interest in the creative arts and

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Monday, Joe A posted an article about interns. Here’s Dilbert’s take on the subject. Enjoy.

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Internships are not meant to be jobs; they’re learning opportunities. Recently, a couple of interns sued a major movie studio saying they should have been paid. The basic premise of their suit was that as unpaid interns, they didn’t learn anything and therefore were just free workers. The courts agreed and they got their back

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We are well into summer, as evidenced by the record heat waves in different parts of the country. Kids are on summer vacation and teens are filling their bank accounts from summer jobs. The best summer job I ever had was working on the school landscape maintenance crew. I worked with my friend Kevin C.

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Goal setting drives me crazy, it always has. One of the reasons is the wide variety of tasks that can fall under “goal setting.” While John F. Kennedy told the nation to “commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to

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Through years of working with contractors either at work or on my house, I’ve had good ones and bad ones. There was the contractor who went above and beyond and surprised me with a custom built stereo cabinet. And there was the electrician who showed up with a friend and told him what to do

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So over the holidays, I ventured into stores and shopped over the internet. I am not a big shopper. I rarely go into stores or even surf the internet for products unless I’m trying to score points with my wife. The holidays are slightly different, but really only because my wife doesn’t buy ALL her

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I found these photos of some fantastic nappers.                     I’d make a box combo lying down.                   That’s more like it.    

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I’m a big believer in naps. Maybe it’s my Mexican heritage but a little siesta after lunch is a great use of time by increasing productivity. Before Seinfelds’ Costanza was hilariously sleeping at his NY Yankee’s job. I was a pioneer in the napping under the desk routine. It started at a job right after

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Recently, there was a story about a U.S. Circuit Court upholding the right of the New London, New York police department to NOT hire a man because he was too smart. This police force likes their officers to be only slightly smarter than the general public, with IQs roughly in the 104 range. This gentleman’s

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I recently started a new job. It has been nice to go to work every day after being out of work for a while. All my new co-workers are very nice and have made me feel right at home from the start. The only problem is I am now right in the middle of the

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Being a writer, I mostly work alone at home. Despite the luxury of working in my pajamas for half the day, one negative is always having to eat alone. Typically, I eat leftovers in front of Tivo’d Sportscenter episodes, then back to my desk for more staring at the blank screen. But for the last

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Los Angeles is a car culture. Mainly, because there is no central downtown city, there’s, Silver Lake, Los Feliz, the Westside, etc. So, everybody commutes. And most commutes are pretty long. My current commute takes me 43 miles and 90 minutes to get to work. Even by Los Angeles standards that’s a long commute. I

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When I was a young man and starting in the work force, I understood that I’d have to do the lame stuff nobody else wanted to do but needed to get done. Being the low man on the totem pole, I would be stuck doing the menial tasks until the next “new” guy came along.

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Last week I was training to be a Certified Energy Manager, and there was one person in the class that asked 95% of the questions and also made 95% of the statements. Unfortunately, he was a moron. The trainers had to constantly cut out pieces of information from the training because this guy kept asking

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So, when I was in high school, most of the boys were pushed into math and science classes. I also took AP Chemistry in high school and did quite well, easily earning an A in the class. I had followed the fast track for success every young man was pushed toward. As an afterthought, probably to

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This humor blog is dedicated to the fellow Y-chromosomes out there who are stuck in the middle of life. Between our athletic peak and our aching back. Between our corporate overlords and the ungrateful employees we manage. Between, our demon offspring, our crotchety parents, and our wives/ex-wives/girlfriends/2nd wives/partners. For women who stumble upon this site:

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