posted by Matt W on November 21st, 2012

Rachael H.D. She’s perfect.

Now, before all you guys type in Rachael HD into your web browser to see my new friend in all her High Definition glory, HD stands for Home Depot.

I did home improvement projects this weekend. I put in a new bathroom in the basement and a variety of other projects getting ready for people staying with us for Thanksgiving. With all home improvement projects, I run off to the hardware store multiple times over the course of the installation. I have actually come up with a rating system based on the number of trips to describe how difficult I think the project will be. I rated this weekend as a “three trip” project. When I told my daughter that I was heading out to Home Depot for the third time that weekend (not the last time, the third time), she thought that was ridiculous. My wife then said, “Oh, three times isn’t that bad. How many times did you actually figure for the project, Matt W.?” She knows me too well (although I did sense a tinge of sarcasm in her voice).

A couple months ago, my wife picked out a bathroom set to put in for the holiday guest season. It was one of those fairly nice looking, fairly inexpensive sets, that the Home Depots of the world sell so many of.  Right when we first got it, I ripped out the old bathroom cabinets and then left an entirely empty bathroom (I only kept the tub), behind the closed door for the last two months. I did actually repaint the room during the “closed door” period. But as you can imagine, my wife was thrilled with my scheduling (you should sense a tinge of sarcasm there). So, first thing Saturday morning, I put everything together, the toilet, the cabinet, and only had the sink left to put in when… the sink broke when I pulled it out of the packaging.

“Shit,” was indeed the first word that left my mouth.

Not only did I know instantly that my weekend just got a lot harder, but worse yet there was a high probability that the Home Depot didn’t even have a replacement sink meaning our bathroom wasn’t going to be available for our guests on time making me free game for scheduling advice from my wife for years to come.

“Shit,” was also the second word that left my mouth.

Then Rachael H.D. saved my holiday season by finding me a replacement sink. That was the first time I saw her over the weekend. Over the next day and a half, I bought, returned, and bought a different size, shape, or model of a variety of different Home Depot products. As Rachael H.D. works returns, I saw her every time. In my defense, two of the returns included light bulbs because they weren’t the correct color (My wife likes the soft white and I always buy the daylight because I like it better, so we compromise and I take the ones I like back to Rachael H.D. and get soft white.) Sunday, when I made my last return, she called me by name.

So over the course of the weekend I put in a new bathroom, hung pictures too numerous to count (one of the other projects this weekend was to hang all our kids artwork from through out the years), replaced a few bulbs with soft white bulbs, and I made a new friend for the holidays.

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