posted by Joe Anaya on July 8th, 2013

Basketball and hockey season are over. Football season hasn’t started yet. Only baseball is going on. And I use the term “going on” loosely, because rarely does anything really “go on” in baseball. Well, let’s just call it what it is, a slow-moving, boring sport.

I’m a good American; I’ve tried to get into baseball. I really have. It “was” the national pastime. Football is now the most watched sport on television. NASCAR is the most watched in person. So, really baseball is American’s third place national pastime. It’s a sport for farmers before the industrial revolution, wide-open spaces with no time limitations. It was developed in an age when one run every hour passed for entertainment.

Of course, the late great George Carlin does a fantastic routine comparing baseball and football. (I just added that Carlin bit to bug Matt W.)

Baseball has it’s moments. I enjoy the wild nine-to-ten slugfests. But I can’t sit still for a zero-to-one pitchers’ duel. When I’m at a game, I can distract my self with popcorn, Dodger dogs and It’s-IT ice cream sandwiches. But on television, baseball is way to subtle for me. I often find my mind wondering to other things and the next thing I know, my body is wondering to other parts of the house.

I will admit that I do enjoy watching baseball with Matt W. He loves baseball and is very knowledgeable. A typical patter from Matt W. goes something like this:

This pitcher’s bread and butter is a wicked fastball and a slider. But today his accuracy is off with his slider. The problem is that the batter is a first-ball-fast-ball hitter. Although, the batter can’t swing-away, because he’s a left-handed hitter and there’s a man on first. So, if he’s not careful, he’ll hit into a double play. (Or some approximation of that. I made all that up, and I could be exactly wrong, but that’s what it sounds like to me.)

And NOTHING has happened yet. In my head, I’m thinking “Throw the ball already.”  Maybe I’ll never enjoy baseball without Matt W., but at least I only have 4 weeks till NFL training camp begins.

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