posted by Matt W on March 12th, 2014

So, I’m at the vet with my dog. My dog had been really sick and this was just one of those follow-up type appointments to bilk me out of a few more dollars, because my dog can’t talk and say he’s fine. But as with most other vet customers, it was for my dog so I was fine with it.

They were poking and prodding and generally doing all sorts of things that I wouldn’t let my doctor do to me, but my dog was getting treats fairly often so he seemed good. (Hey, why doesn’t my doctor give treats?) Anyway, just as we’re about to leave, the vet says she forgot to take his temperature and she should take one really quick. My dog is very smart, and while I assured them he could figure out how to put the thermometer under his tongue, they decided to go in the other end. Apparently not border collie owners. As they placed the thermometer, my dog closed his eyes, and I very appropriately (at least I felt appropriately), sang, “Moo-oo-oon River.”

Nothing. Cricket chirps.

The young vet and her young vet technician didn’t say a word and obviously didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I covered myself by saying it was a pretty funny line if you had seen the movie.

“Oh, really. What movie?” was the vet’s excited response obviously feeling much better that I wasn’t just crazy.

Fletch” I replied.

“Never heard of it,” said the technician.

“With Chevy Chase,” I said to jog their memories along.

“What’s that?” they both said in unison.

“I’ve never felt older,” was my weak reply as I realized they didn’t even know what a Chevy Chase was, let alone who.

I slinked out of the vet’s office and drove home with my old dog.

It’s funny how we expect everyone to share the same memories we do. It seriously never crossed my mind that anyone currently living in the United States hadn’t seen Fletch. And I would still like to hold out belief everyone has seen Caddyshack. How could they have not?

The funny/sad part of this memory void thing is how many things I am unaware of that are currently happening. In the past year, Joe A. had to explain to me what a Kardashian was, and just in the last week had to explain why I would care who Zach Efron is. I still don’t by the way.

I always used to like reading the Beloit College Mindset list every year. It is the list of things that the entering freshman class of college has never known or in some cases has only known. For example, they don’t know why Michael Jordan is famous and only remember two presidents. Now, I don’t even read the lists because many of the references are too young for me. For example, I didn’t understand the Captain Janeway reference in this year’s list, I’d never heard of her. I had to look up who she was. I only barely remember Piccard, and yet there was a whole separate Star Trek Captain after him? By the way, don’t tell me if there are more. But on the other hand I’m pretty sure I remember every episode or movie with Captain Kirk in them. Weird.

Sadly, my guess is the vet only thinks of Shatner as the Priceline commercial guy.

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