posted by Matt W on October 10th, 2012

One of the best parts about writing a blog is I get to talk to Joe A. on a fairly regular basis. While we try to separate our conversations from the rest of our lives, many times our wives or children walk through the background of our conversations. Usually, I can make out his wife’s voice in the background, but when he is talking to his son, I only hear Joe A.’s fatherly side of the conversation. As I get a good laugh on a regular basis, I thought I would share some of my favorites from over the years.

“But I really don’t care what the dinosaurs ate, you’re eating noodles.”

“Hey, this isn’t screen time!”

“Clean up your mess from lunch… because there is food on the floor that wasn’t there a half hour ago… we don’t have a dog, so get cleaning.”

“They put wheels on the bottom of that, so you don’t have to drag it.”

“That’s between you and your Mother… you’re on your own, man.”

“I don’t care if your homework is done; this still isn’t screen time… Practice your tuba.”

“You realize your Mom is going to be home any minute… don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Get your karate gear on… really get it on now… Seriously, we are going to be late… I’m not in charge of your belt, am I?… everyone is waiting on you… you are making your friends late… I’m leaving now and I really don’t care anymore if you come with me or not… but you don’t have your license yet, do you? Matt W., I’ve got to go.” Click.

“Make yourself some lunch while I’m on the phone… Donuts?… Yeah that’s fine, your Mom’s not home.”

“Seriously, this isn’t screen time!”

I’m sure all Dads have some version of these conversations each and every day. My children tend to get irritated if I happen to say something to them while they are on their phone, but I’m positive they hold all their questions until I happen to get a call. As Joe A. reviewed my post this week, he apologized for all the interruptions over the years but followed up his apology with “But if anyone understands, it’s another Dad.”

Yes Joe A., I definitely understand.

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