posted by Joe Anaya on September 29th, 2014

As my son goes into teenage-hood, we as parents give him more and more responsibility, in the often-vain hope that he will act more and more responsible. One of the areas we’re emphasizing is time management.

I can’t prove it, but I’m convinced my kid has an actual allergy to time. That or he lives in some sort of space/time continuum that prevents him from having any sense of time.

He’s lost so many watches so quickly that it seems like he’s traveled back in time and lost the Timex before we even gave it to him. Now that he has a cellphone with a built-in clock, I know he won’t lose that for fear of having to redo all his video app progress.

I used to have alerts set up to go off every 5 minutes before my son had to leave for school. Now, I just tell him, “I’m ready to leave whenever you are.” So, it’s on him to get to school, I’m just the driver. Miraculously, he has not been late yet, although he’s had to run a couple times. So far, so good.

At home, to encourage responsible time management, we’ve offered rewards, “If you finish you’re homework by Saturday, we’ll give you 30 extra minutes of screen time.” “Finish the yard work by 4pm and we’ll go out to dinner.”

I’ve learned that teenage boys have two times:


“When are you going to mow the lawn?”

“Not now.”

Or how about, “Did you practice the piano yet?”

“I forgot.”

I’m sure at some point, some part of his brain will develop and a sense of time and schedule will evolve, unfortunately it doesn’t prevent his current behavior from being really annoying.

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