posted by Matt W on November 30th, 2012

Years ago, when my middle son first started to drive, I asked my wife, “When do you think our kids will realize that getting a free ride everywhere is a way better deal than driving in a car you have to pay for?” So far none of my children have figured it out.

I don’t remember getting a ride from my parents anywhere having to do with school. While I tell the story differently to my children, living in Western Washington meant I rarely had to walk the mile and a half to school through 2’ of snow, uphill both ways. I will say however, that I took the bus, walked, ran, biked, or walked on routes heavily traveled by older friends in an attempt to bum a ride, to school each and every day. I used to spend the night at a buddy’s house and we would duct tape his mom’s golf pull cart to the back of one of our bikes, throw our clubs on it, and ride our bikes across town to go golfing. My parents were rarely involved in my travel needs. When I turned 16 I was definitely ready to start driving, and the freedom brought on by this mobility was well worth the money. But a generation later why would any of our children want to give up their own private chauffeur? Shoot, I want one of those. Apparently, the call of travel freedom still outweighs the expense of driving in the lives of 16-year-olds.

So, as a parent with my last child rapidly approaching driving freedom, I’m a little torn between the excitement of finally not having to drive my children anywhere, and… well… not getting to drive my children anywhere. Because as much as they can on occasion be ungrateful pains-in-my-ass during these drives, some of my best conversations with my children have come while shuttling them around. It’s where I heard about girlfriends, cute boys, rotten coaches, mean classmates, huge bugs, smart teachers, recent scientific discoveries, the perfect cross country race, stupid school reading books, great non-school reading books, favorite foods, scratchy socks (and other excuses for wearing slippers to school), and well… all the things you hope your children feel comfortable enough to tell you about.

My youngest gets her license in less than a year now. And while I’m truly looking forward to her having the ability to drive herself around, I hope she needs a ride from her old man every once in a while just so I can stay up to date on her life.

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