posted by Matt W on January 11th, 2013

So comes to an end another week of the new year. As Joe A. talked about sports superstitions (don’t break the Seahawk mojo Joe A.), and I talked about Downton Abbey, I thought that this was a good week for a Top 10 list and couldn’t decide between most superstitious athletes (Wade Boggs was a freak) and best TV shows. I went with TV shows, but with a twist. So, here are the top 10 TV shows courtesy of Joe A. and Matt W. broken down into shows we watch with our family and those we don’t.

First the Family section:
Modern Family – Joe A. made me watch it when it first came out and we all sat down to watch it with high expectations and… it was not good. He made me watch it again and we all laughed for the entire 30 minutes. I read a review later that said “With the exception of one episode, this was the best new comedy of the year.” We’re glad we watched a second one.

Psych – This is my family show. While a little over the top weird on far too many occasions, this is the show that as a parent I think “I don’t mind my kids watching any part of this.” It makes me laugh and is something my entire family will sit down and watch together (“together” being the key word in that sentence).

Holmes on Holmes – I’m not sure but I think they aren’t airing this series anymore. It’s just that awesome; we listed it anyway. Both Joe A. and I like HGTV and the Food Network a great deal; it’s just a good way to spend 30 minutes.

Mentalist – There is a list of  crime procedurals that are usually worth 40 minutes spent with the family and the DVR (e.g. Castle, NCIS, Person of Interest, Elementary), but as we have a buddy that works on this show it makes our list.

Downton Abbey – Finally Downton Abbey, which as I said in Wednesday’s post, is always a good way to spend an hour with the “ladies” in our lives.

Now the Non-family:
First I would like to say that guys for the most part are simple perverse creatures, and that is really the only reason why the many man-shows on TV exist. I personally think that many of the late night shows go way over the top, but here are a few to watch. Remember keep the children away!

Colbert Report/Daily Show – I have always liked The Daily Show better than Colbert Report. While I have probably laughed harder with Colbert, than any show on TV, the steady comedic wit of John Stewart has always won out for me. Lately, I think Stephen has caught up. Both are great shows (I have always let my children watch these shows).

Breaking Bad – I watched Breaking Bad on Joe. A’s suggestion. He asked me a few days later what I thought, and I replied, “I thought it was good but my daughter will definitely not be watching with me the next time.” His reply after a long moment of silence was, “Sorry, I assumed you weren’t watching with your daughter, whoops.” Great show that’s not for the chillin.

Justified – Living in East Tennessee, I know a lot of people with moonshiner roots; seriously. Justified just takes that moonshiner mentality and gives it a 21rst century spin.

Archer – When I used the word perverse in my description of men above, I was probably thinking of this show. For me, this show is either really, really funny, or more than a bit over the top. Joe A. is a big fan.

Game of Thrones – I have never actually watched this show, so I will just say Joe A. is usually pretty good when it comes to TV suggestions, so give it a try.

So there it is, the top ten shows on TV. We would love to hear your favorite shows so we can try them out and see if they are worth wasting another 20 or 40 minutes of our DVR enhanced lives on a weekly basis.

Have a great weekend and GO SEAHAWKS!

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