This humor blog is dedicated to the fellow Y-chromosomes out there who are stuck in the middle of life. Between our athletic peak and an aching back. Between our corporate overlords and the ungrateful employees we manage. Between, our demon offspring, our crotchety parents, and our wives/ex-wives/girlfriends/2nd wives/partners.

For women who stumble upon this site: in those quiet moments when you’re wondering what your man is thinking (probably nothing), the answer may be on this site (but probably nothing). For young men who stumble upon this site: gaze into your future and despair.

This blog is expressing an under-represented point of view. There are gaggles of blogs for women looking for support, encouragement and validation. If you’re a guy looking for those things from a blog, what’s up with that? Seriously, if you get those things from this blog, great but we’re just here to bring a moment of levity to our fellow domestic heroes.

Bottom-line, our goal is to help release the “madness” that is in all middle-aged men. Enjoy!