posted by Joe Anaya on March 16th, 2015

I have blogged about my paranoia of Big Brother and my feelings about GPS mapping systems, but throw all that aside because I love Waze.

Waze is the GPS app that calculates the fastest route including current traffic conditions. It throws all it’s subscribers’ movements into an algorithm to figure out how fast traffic is flowing and routes you to your destination accordingly. It’s all the things I hate about Big Brother tracking my whereabouts, but man, it works great.

Recently, I had to work in a southern suburb of Los Angeles. Driving from my northern suburb, that’s a 75 minute drive with decent traffic, more if there’s an accident or god forbid two accidents or as was the case that day, the traffic-stopping, killer-of-flow, accident-causing RAIN.

Southern Californians don’t know how to drive in the rain and whenever it rains, it’s traffic Armageddon, and it can double your commute time. In desperation, I told Big Brother, er… Waze where I was and where I needed to go. Through back neighborhoods, side streets, and winding roads, I arrived at my destination in a record 50 minutes. By LA standards, that’s good; by wet LA standards, that’s miraculous.

And Waze had a new believer and Big Brother had a new participant.


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