posted by Joe Anaya on March 2nd, 2012

The NFL Network just wrapped up broadcasting some 4 days of NFL Combine and I watched a lot of it. (Go Seahawks.) For those who don’t know, the Combine is where the NFL invites a lot of college players ready to join the NFL. They check the player’s height and weight, and run them through various tests and interviews.

The NFL Network does a decent job of filling the days with background information of the college players, analysis of their performances, strategic information of the positions, etc. But there is still a lot of time to fill. Several years ago the host, Rich Eisen, a paunchy middle-aged man, was goaded into running a 40 yard dash (one of the measurements the league has the college players go through).

Mr. Eisen ran in his broadcasting attire, i.e. suit, tie, and dress shoes. (Since he pulled a hamstring, he runs in track shoes now, but he still wears his suit.) It was a funny and entertaining moment. It’s kind of become a thing. Every year since, he has run the 40.

Finally, this year, the NFL Network set up website and encouraged people to record themselves running the 40 in their work clothes. They then put together this hilarious montage of the submissions.


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