posted by Matt W on February 1st, 2012

My wife, my son, and I were in the kitchen and my wife makes a general comment about something. I correct her, and she reiterates that what she said was correct. I change the subject. Well now, my son is standing on the other side of the room chuckling. My wife asks what’s up and he replies, ”Dad is correct you know.” She asks why he didn’t say anything and he responds, “If there is one thing dad’ taught me, there’s the right answer and the woman-in-your-life’s answer… and even when they aren’t the same thing, the woman’s answer is correct.” Now I was the one standing on the other side of the room chuckling.

A college buddy of mine said his dad had a very interesting coming-of-age speech that went something like this. “There are three things I would like to share with you that all men should know. Number one is buy Microsoft stock, number two is always treat women well, and number three is… well… just buy more Microsoft stock.” Because he said these important words about 7 stock splits ago, they were wise words indeed (and I’d like to know his current stock pick).

Dads impart their wisdom on their kids in many ways. My dad shared words of wisdom throughout my life but never really gave me “the talk.” He always said things like, “You have to be smarter than the tool you are working with,” (apparently he thinks my tools are incredibly smart to have brought it up so many times).  I’m more like him in that I have never given “the talk.” Here are a few of the “pearls” I’ve shared over the years:

- Always find a good mechanic,

- “Spew” is an excellent rhyming word (Probably my most used pearl of wisdom.),

- Always buy good individual tools, not the cheap crappy sets (and get a toolbox),

- You can’t buy back time,

- Work even harder on the things you’re not already good at,

- Keep practicing the piano, every day I wish I knew how to play,

- Always have a good, sharp, knife. (Preferably in your pocket, except at school, and when you’re out with friends, and, well, just keep it in your dresser in case you need it. And don’t let your Mom know you have it. Ever.)

So for as long as there have been fathers, they have been sharing pearls of wisdom that range from totally idiotic to life changing. There is a lot of wisdom stored in our frazzled heads if we could just remember to share it.  As most of the great thoughts dads have had to share with their children have been preempted by some life crisis and then totally forgotten by our rattled memories, our kids have missed out on a lot. I guess the bottom line is talk to your kids, make sure they know you care, and the rest will take care of itself.

Hey, that’s something my dad might say.

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