posted by Joe Anaya on November 21st, 2011

This holiday week, we’re taking it a little easy and it’s top 10 best albums all week. With the re-invention of the single via digital downloads, the album is a lost art form. And lets face it, the 80s were a crap decade for music. With few exception (most notably The Clash), the 80s blew: Journey, REO Speedwagon, Starship, argh! (I personally listened to a lot of Chuck Berry and Little Richard.) Also, some bands so dominated their era, it was hard to pick one album.

10. Night at the Opera, Queen – There was a lot of hemming and hawing for this last spot. Several albums could have taken this spot so I threw a dart. Queen won.

9. Joshua Tree, U2 – U2 at the height of their powers.

8. Who’s Next, The Who – Better than Quadraphina and Tommy? I don’t know, but I had to pick one.

7. Crime of the Century, Supertramp – An under appreciated band, but this was them at their nadir of solid music, originality and accessibility. “F you” Breakfast In America.

6. Led Zepplin IV,  Led Zepplin – This is a fantastic album. Rock standard Stairway To Heaven and much more.

5. Nevermind, Nirvana – This album revived rock music from the 80s induced coma.

4. London Calling, Clash – One of the few exceptions to the lost decade.

3. Are you Experienced, Jimi Hedrix – A little before my time, but my friends and I discovered this album, while getting “expienced.” Some albums play like “Best of” albums. This is one such album.

2. Revolver, Beatles – Nods to Sgt. Peppers and Rubber Soul but Revolver is the album that holds up and is the precursor to the whole psychedelic movement.

1. Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd – Another band that could have had three albums on the list (Wish You Were Here, The Wall). But I went with the album that was on the Billboard Top 100 for decades. All things an album should be.  A collection of songs that play together telling a story in a way you haven’t heard before.

Wednesday Matt W posts his top 10 albums list.

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