posted by Matt W on January 2nd, 2013

Well, another year of blogging is complete.

2013… Crazy.

As people that read our blog know, Joe A is a real writer and I am more of a ranter. While Joe A. takes 500 words and tells a story, I usually take 600 words to kind of tell a story and insert a lot of off-tangent thoughts in parentheses. Hopefully both of our approaches bring a laugh to your day, or at least serve as a conversation starter at the dinner table, “Matt W. said that Klein Curve makes the best pair of wire cutters, what a moron. Pass the Fried Chicken.”

So now is the time for our second annual “Best Posts of the Year” blogs; I get Joe A.

So here are my Top 5 Joe A. posts of 2012:

Melting Pot: Well done Fourth of July piece about what makes Joe A., Joe A. and what makes our country great! Nice.

Job Interview Questions: Funny idea that really made me laugh, and yet slightly horrifies me to think about their police officer hiring practices.

Love of a Lifetime: Like I said, Joe A. is a real writer and it shows here. I want to drive the Pacific Coast Highway to work just in case.

F%*king Poker Night: This is the perfect Male Pattern Madness topic. So there it is women in our lives, everything you need to know about Poker Night. I’m sure you’ve never been more happy with your decision to stay away.

Let Us work: Another perfect MPM subject. Stay out of our damn garage (but only if you want to honey)!

Like Joe said on Monday, we’d love to hear what your favorite Male Pattern Madness blogs were from 2012. You can email your picks to or or just comment below.

Male Pattern Madness is looking forward to a great 2013, we hope you continue to be a part of our blog life in the coming months.

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