In light of last weeks ruling by the Supreme Court, declaring gay marriage a constitutional right. I’m reposting this blog. Originally posted 4/1/13 Usually, Male Pattern Madness is a place to get a nice laugh, and we stay away from overly serious or controversial topics. But this is something I feel strongly about and since

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I went back to my home town for a vacation recently. It was nice to hang around the old stomping grounds. While a lot has changed, the places that are still there also seemed different in many ways. As I was driving past my old high school, I noticed an old concrete wall, a wall

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Here’s a link to dad’s winning the parenthood race.

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Many years ago, I was lying around with my then girlfriend chatting about silly stuff and she innocently asks, “If you could change one thing about me what would it be?” Not being a complete idiot, I demour, “Nothing, I love you just the way you are.” “No, really.” “Really, nothing.” Little did I know

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Amy Schumer is one of the hottest comedians going right now. Here’s one of the reason’s why.   Get More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows

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A while ago, we were all watching a TV show and there was a sexual reference that my son and I chuckled at but my wife didn’t get. It was fun to watch my son explain to his mother what the sexual innuendo actually meant in terms that wouldn’t get him thrown out of the

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Lately, my kid has been obsessed with going fishing. But frankly, because he’s only 10, he doesn’t remember the last few times I’ve taken him fishing haven’t exactly been memorable experiences. Of course there’s the time we went to Troutdale, a fish farm with cement ponds stocked with trout. He caught a fish and was

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My daughter called me in a panic the other day as she had forgotten to bring her folder for school that she keeps all her assignments in. Because she needed to turn in multiple assignments, I threw her a bone and brought it to her. I meander into the school past the playfield where a

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Seventeen years ago,I took the kids to Dominos to pick up a pizza. I was mostly just trying to get them out of my wife’s hair as she prepared for the company that was coming over. As my boys were hyped up, taking them to Dominos was mostly an exercise in herding them and the

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A friend of mine wrote a screenplay and asked me to give him notes. One of the plot points is that the two high school protagonists have a dream of playing on stage with Ted Nugent. I offered a note that he should change the band because Ted Nuggent is not the dream of an

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