To the embarrassment of my wife and friends, I am secure enough in my manhood to carry a purse. Well, technically it’s a large fanny pack, but I never wear it around my waist (Even I’m not THAT secure). It’s always slung over my shoulder like a satchel. I know satchels are trendy now, but

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So I typed in Male Pattern Hearing into the old world wide web and a link to male pattern blindness popped up. I clicked on it and I thought it was pretty funny. By the way, my wife “found” my keys on my desk the other day. The MyLifeSuckers website seems pretty funny, in a

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My wife and I were shopping at Costco over the weekend. It was a typical Costco shopping adventure. We walked in needing “Fruit, bread, and some beverages” and walked out with $487 of assorted stuff we have absolutely no chance of using before it rots. Seriously, how does that happen? I think we would save

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I recently took a cross-country flight. And I realized being a passenger on a plane is a lot like being a toddler in a car. First off, you straggle to your assigned seat with as many things as you need to keep you entertained for a long boring trip. A grown up makes sure your

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This week I wrote about how kids are doing chores less and less. Unfortunately I might be part of the problem. Anyway I saw this cartoon and it made me laugh. Enjoy!     Have a great Male Pattern Madness Weekend!                    

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The other day I was in a meeting at work waiting for my part of the discussion. I was bored and knew I had 10 minutes before I needed to pay attention. The meeting was in a large conference room that just happened to have a big TV in the corner and FOX news was

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I have blogged about my paranoia of Big Brother and my feelings about GPS mapping systems, but throw all that aside because I love Waze. Waze is the GPS app that calculates the fastest route including current traffic conditions. It throws all it’s subscribers’ movements into an algorithm to figure out how fast traffic is

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Whenever I think of genius or smart people, I think of The Farside’s great comic about the school for the gifted. Gary Larson was a genius. Enjoy.

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Everyone that has ever read a blog here at Male Pattern Madness knows that Joe A. and I are big Seahawk fans (Go Hawks!). But over the years my favorite team has always been the Seattle Mariners. Every February when pitchers and catchers report, there is a bit of a jump in my steps for

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I was a little sad this week with the death of Leonard Nimoy. As a smart kid growing up, his character Mr. Spock was one of my favorites, “He’s smart and he’s cool.” Unfortunately, that was just a fantasy TV show and he was an alien. But anyway… As I was thinking about his influence

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Joe A and I have been talking about building tiny houses a lot lately. The more I look into them the more I think that what I really want/need is a humongous house with only a couple rooms. Think 2000 square foot one bedroom apartment with high ceilings, large doorways, and counter-tops 6 inches higher

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I recently stayed at Joe A.’s house and a major topic of discussion was our mutual desire to construct a tiny house. During one of these conversations, our wives chimed in that we should buy a piece of property in a nice location and build each couple a tiny house on the property. Interesting. My

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If you’ve read our blog, you know I’m a little handy around the house. But here’s the problem — I get bored. I’ve tiled a bathroom and after the first few tiles, I felt like I got the hang of it. Then the next challenge was laying an entire room at a diagonal, then it

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