This is especially true for soccer.

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Whenever I’m driving my wife’s car and we arrive in a parking lot, I can’t make a move without her say so. Left alone I obviously have plenty of experience choosing a parking spot and going about my day. But through years of arbitrary rules, capricious enforcement of said rules, and the unparalleled potential wrath

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As you know, I don’t really get to see many movies in theaters. Which is often viewed as contrary to my life’s interest in the film industry, until you get married, buy a house, and have kids, then it seems perfectly normal. Sigh. Anyway, not seeing the movies does not prevent me from making my

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I have 3 Hammers. I have: -          a Vaughan 27 oz. hickory handled framer, -          a Stanley 20 oz. fiberglass long handled hammer, and -          a small older finish hammer that lost its markings, probably before I was born. I have 3 perfect hammers. I keep them all in my carpentry tool box and use

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Am I the only one who didn’t know Veteran’s Day had been moved to Sunday not Monday? After I posted Monday’s blog about Veteran’s Day, I got a few messages letting me know I had missed it. What happened? Months ago, I thought President’s Day got moved. Instead of a Monday, it’s now a Friday.

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As you know, here at Male Pattern Madness, we don’t usually get too mushy. (Just look at Joe A’s post.) But while looking for a good Valentine’s Day comic, I ran across this video. It’s from the “Playing For Change” group, that organizes musicians from all over the world to work together and create music

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For the first couple of decades of my marriage I always got a two pound box of dark chocolate caramels for my wife every Valentine’s Day. While don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the ease of selecting the gift, it did have a nice sentiment as well. Double Bonus, easy and thoughtful… a husbands

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It’s Valentine’s Day this weekend. So, my thoughts are all mushy about love and romance. I love my wife. There’s nobody I’d rather be with. I even told her that. After being married for 20 years, we’ve grown comfortable with each other. As we’ve spent time around other couples or other women. I’ve realized my

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Everyone I know is feeling them. Here are the 7 stages of a Super Bowl loss for a 12. Shock and Disbelief – The 12 may not be able to comprehend that the Super Bowl has really ended without another championship as we had the ball at the one yard line with Marshawn Lynch in the backfield,

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Most Seahawks fans are disconsolate these days. It’s going to take a while to get over this one. We were so close to victory and then in an instant it was all gone. As I can’t imagine anyone doesn’t know what happened, I think it was the most highly viewed show in US history, I

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Well, I’m exhausted, because I spent my Sunday cheering and screaming and finally sobbing for my beloved Seattle Seahawks against the hated Patriots in the Superbowl. (I can’t fathom the final play call, but that’s a different story.) I watched the big game in a sports bar with a bunch of other displaced Seahawks fans.

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