People often ask me why I blog and the answer is always the same. I get to hang out on the phone with Joe on a weekly basis and laugh. We laugh a lot on the phone. If I had to guess I would say that for every blog one of us writes, there are

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In the olden days before DVDs, Blurays, and DVRs, every holiday season I’d race through the TV Guide to find when the specials were going to be on and scream at my mom to mark the calendar so I wouldn’t forget. I have fond memories of getting in the holiday spirit by sitting around and

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Joe and I would like to thank all of  you for following our madness again this year. Have a great holiday season and we hope you decide to join in the middle-age mayhem again next year.

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For many years, we picked out a beautiful noble fir every year for Christmas. At first, when it was just me and my wife, we went to the local lot. Then with the kids we made more of a day out of it and went to a tree farm and picked a perfect tree to

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When we moved into our house, our first Christmas was an adventure of epic proportions. And I mean that literally. Our living room is an open concept to the dining room with tall vaulted ceilings, a perfect place for a nice big Christmas tree. My wife declares, “Let’s get the biggest tree that will fit

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I found this brilliant photographer’s self-portraits of his time with his daughter. Wish I had thought of this. There are more if you follow the link. Enjoy.

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I received a text from a buddy the other day, “Hey, have you lost weight?” As I have been recently packing on the pounds like a bear getting ready for hibernation, I texted back, “No, exactly opposite, and why do you ask?” “You look skinnier in your Christmas card” was his reply. All I’ve got

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Don’t judge me. I think I have a problem. I’m not sure if it’s a mental disorder or an eating disorder. Is it wrong to be OCD about food? Don’t we all eat cookies with the tops up? Would they taste any different if we ate them upside down? Or a Ritz cracker? You wouldn’t

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As everyone should know by now Joe A. and I are big Seahawks fans. To get you in the Holiday Spirit and also get you psyched for the upcoming Super Bowl, I thought I would share a video of someone who really gets into the holiday/sports season. Enjoy!    

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Toward the end of my senior year in high school I was called to the principal’s office. As I couldn’t remember any recent principal worthy crimes, I started wondering what I had done that the high school statute of limitations hadn’t run out on. Did they finally figure out it was me that super glued

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Last week, Matt W wrote about how little his daughter follows his good advice, even though he has a track record Nostradamus would be envious of. And since my son reached his know-it-all teens, we’ve been living with a similar credibility gap from our reluctant houseguest. But this weekend was a rare moment of acknowledgement

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One of our first blogs was a list of things to do when your wife is away. I came across this the other day. Enjoy.  

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Well another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Last year in a moment of food preparation frustration, I suggested to my wife that we have pizza this year instead turkey. She agreed. I was so excited about her positive response that I wrote about it in my Make Mine a Sausage And Mushroom post-Thanksgiving blog that

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A few years ago, I fell in love with a brine turkey dinner. I told my wife, “I want THIS next year.” She says, “Help yourself.” “Okay, I’ll do it.” I agreed to prepare the turkey next Thanksgiving. What the hell. The next year, I found a recipe for brining a turkey and I was

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