As my son goes into teenage-hood, we as parents give him more and more responsibility, in the often-vain hope that he will act more and more responsible. One of the areas we’re emphasizing is time management. I can’t prove it, but I’m convinced my kid has an actual allergy to time. That or he lives

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I got a kick out of this quote a while back and remembered it after reading Joe’s post this week about all the awkward questions people ask, especially at weddings. Enjoy.   Have a great MPM weekend!    

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I walked into a restroom the other day and moseyed on up to the urinal. It was abnormally high. I mean really high to the point that most people would be aiming up. While I wasn’t on my tippy toes or anything like that, my first thought was, “it was a good thing I’m over

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I just got back from my niece’s wedding. It was a very nice affair. The same weekend another niece announced that she just got engaged. All the young people getting married reminded me of the questions old people like to ask young couples. If you’ve been dating a while, the old people will start asking

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In the weeks leading up to his first day of kindergarten, my son got a wild end-of-summer notion lodged in his burgeoning idea factory — that he and I should reconstruct several complex Lego models we’d built over the past year. The problem was that these models had been deconstructed a week or so after

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Living in the South for the last decade has introduced me to some interesting ways of saying things. Y’all, you’ins and fixin have all been used by people around me far too frequently. ”I might, could do that,” is my favorite “least favorite” way of saying things. You might do that or you could do

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Legos are awesome. Even The Lego Movie was awesome. The video games are even fun. “Everything is awesome.” Like most kids, my kid loved Legos. He was into Star Wars and Lego made a mint off of him by creating Star Wars themed Lego sets. Every birthday and Christmas he would score a few new

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I hope this fan of Seahawk Robert Turbin is a real Sikh with a brilliant sense of humor. (Otherwise it feels kind of bigoted.) I chose to believe the former. Go Hawks!

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Joe A. and I always talk about the internet and how big brother is becoming more and more a part of our lives. The web constantly amazes me with how well the ads I see while surfing match with my actual purchasing tendencies. E-mail, not so much. You would think that they could just ask

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It’s funny when you find out things that everyone else knows but you don’t. And depending on your mood it can be funny ha-ha or funny awkward. In our “War” themed summer, one of the picks for family movie night was “Spartacus.” I have never seen the classic Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis starrer. Half way

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The Seattle Seahawks are the only team with a winning record in the NFL after last nights game, and I see a lot a wins in their future. Undefeated Super Bowl Champions has a nice ring to it. You better watch out Miami, we’re coming after your record this year! Go Seahawks and have a great

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Well I hate to break it to all the members of other demographics but middle-aged men are the best drivers, period. First let me say that it is truly unfortunate that we live in a society where the issues of older people aren’t discussed more seriously. We have created a car society, putting many citizens

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