This was sent to us by a fan while they were trying to find parking at a sports bar in Culver City, CA. The subtext is clearly saying, “Just don’t park here. It’s not worth it.” Enjoy.

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As I watched the nightly news yesterday, there was a segment about people on airlines using a wedge device to restrict the chair in front of them from reclining. Apparently, a plane was re-routed and two people were actually kicked off the plane for arguing over the use of the device. Wow, I could have

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Being freelance, I’ve worked at a lot of locations. From regular offices spaces to hip trendy places to hole in the wall offices near the beach. The craziest place I worked was in an office building in a very seedy part of town. The first thing to know was that at night, the main street

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And because everything that Gary Larsen ever did is revered here at Male Pattern Madness, a vegetarian comic for your enjoyment. Have a Great MPM weekend!

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I enjoy cooking and eating; especially eating. Many years ago, my wife decided to become a vegetarian and ever since my whole food world has changed. And while I am not personally a vegetarian, I’m married to one which for all intents and purposes is exactly the same thing. The big reason is meat for

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I heard that scientists were going to be looking at the claims of the quinoa proponents. The weird tadpole like grain my wife swears will extend our lives is now under the scrutiny of it’s status as a super food. But the fact is that the scientists are already too late. The A.D.D. health crowd

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As we spent the week complaining about the ever invasive nature of technology, I found this. Enjoy.

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My mother-in-law was visiting from out of town recently and my wife and I went with her to the local mall to do a bit of shopping. While in Belk department store, her I-Phone made a cha-ching sound, like the ringing of an old time cash register. I thought that was an interesting ring tone

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Anyone who spends enough time with me will eventually notice that I’m generally paranoid about Big Brother. My wife mocked my piece of tape covering my computer cam lens until it was revealed that hackers and the CIA could turn on your web-camera remotely without turning on the green light indicating that it’s in use.

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Lately my son has been distracted by my gray eyebrow hairs. He wants me to pluck them. I always just say “Have at it if it bothers you so much,” and he usually backs down. It reminded me of an old ZITS cartoon.               Enjoy and have a great MPM

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While I was writing a recent blog, I was having a hard time coming up with the term “common sense.” After thinking for a while, I finally came up with the phrase, but then it struck me, the reason I was struggling so much was I hadn’t heard anyone use the phrase in years. And

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My kid has been bugging me for months to let him get Call of Duty for his PS3. We have had a long-standing rule against shooter games in the house. Well, really shooter games for him. (I’ll admit I like shooting Nazi’s and terrorists as much as the next guy.) When I was a kid,

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As a rebel at heart, this made me laugh.

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