I pulled into the Fred Meyer parking lot in a bit of a hurry. I got out of the car and as I rapidly headed toward the front door I saw a young man, about 25 years old, standing next to a car. A young woman about the same age was approaching the car with

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Science fiction movies often fall into visual effects heavy wide shots with sparse set designs to depict the future with very little to say. And often they say nothing at a break-neck pace. Once in awhile, a film comes along that refreshes the genre and comes at it from a different perspective. Snowpiercer is just

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Just cause we love Weird Al and he’s been doing this since the 80′s, we thought we’d give him a little shout out. Enjoy.

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This past weekend, the family was out working in the yard, typical yard clean-up stuff: mowing, edging, weeding, and we even pulled out an old dying bush. As the yard work was winding down, I remembered that I had asked my son to wax his car (more accurately MY car that he happens to get

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One day, I was lounging around checking emails with a home improvement show playing in the background. The homeowners were doing a little DIY and the husband was timidly fumbling about, fretting, and whining because he’s uncomfortable changing a light fixture. Here’s a clue dude, at least turn the light switch to “off.” Better yet,

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After my little weight gain this July Fourth, all I can think about recently is pie. It reminded me of a picture I saw of the perfect pie chart. Enjoy!

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I like to listen to music at work. Pandora is one of the few websites that makes it through the federal firewall so, there you have it. For the uninitiated, Pandora is a website that allows you to plant a “seed” of a song or artist you like and it will use a sophisticated algorithm

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In Southern California, we grill outside a lot. Once I over cooked some barbeque chicken and now every time I’m outside manning the grill my wife tosses out, “Don’t over cook it like last time.” A decade ago, my wife got me a digital thermometer/meat fork. It seemed like a great idea. If I could

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We just celebrated another 4th of July and I was sent a Buzzfeed post from a fan. With tongue firmly planted in cheek. Enjoy.             Prt: compensating for something, ‘merica? Amr: yeah, weak allies           Prt: fuck you america. portugal has TWO freedom days Amr: america

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In a rare twist, I will be playing the part of Matt W. and complain about how 4th of July was better when I was a kid. Specifically, I’m talking about the lameness of “safe & sane” fireworks. There was little that compared to the excitement of being a kid and going to get fireworks

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Over the 4th of July weekend, I heard the national anthem over the radio while watching fireworks. Every school kid knows that Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner. But not everyone understands that in 1812 it was just a poem, Defense of Fort McHenry. The words were added to the music of The

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Yesterday, I was driving home with my son, and noticed that I was fast approaching empty. As my current car has a “miles to empty” feature, and I have gotten to zero on more than one occasion and not ran out of fuel, I wasn’t worried. Every extra mile I drive on a tank of

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