I have World Cup Fever. I admit it freely. I even bought a Mexico jersey. But being a kid who did not grow up loving or even playing soccer, there are things I see that could improve the game. The most obvious thing to do is increase scoring. 0-1 is a common score, but it’d

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I found this the other day. I admit I am “guilty” or “skilled at simplifying” depending on your point of view. Enjoy

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I’m a slow talker. Really, I am. What I didn’t know was how slow of a listener I am. My dog recently had to spend a few days at the Vet Hospital (for all you Sundance fans out there he is doing quite well now). He had a very nice Vet in charge of his

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I was at a party this weekend, having a pleasant conversation with a guy, when his cell phone rang. He glanced at the number and excused himself and went off to take the call. A few minutes later he came back and bemoaned “Why is it was so hard for my workers to figure things

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Fortunately for two guys that blog about their life experiences, Joe A. and I have two strong, independent wives. As both are smart, strong feminist women who like to lead, there isn’t much Joe and I can blog about that our wives haven’t already heard worse in the workplace or in other parts of their

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I’ve been married for 26 years. Now that my wife is used to my bluntness and knows how my twisted mind works, there are a few things I will say that I wouldn’t have said early on in our eternal union. The fact that she knows I love her and I’m probably not going anywhere

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With Father’s Day in the books, I thought I’d repost a blog about parenting. Enjoy. I try not to judge other parents on how they raise their kids. Recently, Amy Chua has gotten a lot of attention as the Tiger Mom. Her book details Chinese parenting techniques like forcing her daughter to practice the piano

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Father’s Day is this weekend, and when asked what I want, I always reply, “I want to be left alone.” I’d love to get 24 hours where the only person I worry about or even consider is me. If I’m not hungry till 10 am, then I’m not making breakfast or eating until 10 am.

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Recently I was hanging out at Joe A.’s house. He wanted me to help him change out a sliding glass door. Cool, we like hanging out doing middle-age manly things. Bring it on. There are two identical sliding doors opening to his deck and the sliding mechanism on the main door was wearing out making

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A friend just posted that his 3 1/2-year old son argued for 30 minutes that the magazine was called “The Wiggly Reader, not the Weekly Reader.” Even after showing his son (who can’t read) the magazine, Dad was still wrong. It reminded me of when my son was about the same age and thought he

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Joe A. shared his wedding advice for all aspiring grooms this week. Here is a little advice someone shared with me a long time ago, but unfortunetely after I had already set the date. February 29th, Genius!                         Have a great Male Pattern Madness

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I recently had the privilege of spending the night in the Chicago Airport. Nasty weather had diverted our Chicago flight to Des Moines, and when we finally arrived in Chicago, our connecting flight had been cancelled. They booked us on a flight leaving the next morning. They handed us a half-off hotel pass and mentioned

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We’re heading into summer and that means wedding season is upon us. True to form, my niece is getting married soon. Matt W. is also heading out west for a niece’s wedding. So I thought I’d spend some time going over the things I’ve learned about weddings. When you get married, you have to make

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