We have taken this week off. We’ll be back next Monday. In the meantime, we wanted to post this link with a little bit of knowledge regarding Memorial Day and it’s history and meaning. Enjoy.  

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As with most everything in this world, when I think of Godzilla and atomic bombs I think of The Far Side. Gary Larson just had a way of capturing my thoughts, and then taking them to bizarre and wonderful levels. As I watched the Godzilla movie one of my main take aways was that humans

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The other day I was working on a project with a colleague that I don’t typically work with. We were looking down an inventory sheet and she noticed the person responsible for all the radios was Brian. She didn’t know who he was. I said, “Brian, the radio guy.” Nothing. She asked what he looked

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Consider summer movie season officially started. A very good Captain America: Winter Soldier and a very bad Amazing Spider-man 2 not withstanding, the first mindless summer movie has entered theaters with a roar. Godzilla is a tough call for me. At times long and boring and then at times exactly what I hoped for in

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It’s not quite Boxer vs Commando but it’s more relevant. Maybe more relevant than funny. Enjoy.

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I like to get the occasional massage. I had a couple of disks fused in my neck and while the surgery was a huge success, my neck tends to stiffen up every once in a while as I always tended to carry my stress in my neck and shoulders. Having someone really go after all

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. Just a few random thoughts about Mother’s Day. I remember being a kid and picking all the pretty yellow flowers in the yard and making a bouquet for my mom. She was gracious and told me how much she loved the dandelion bouquet. As a kid,

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Years ago when I was young and naive, I thought I could coach just about any team better than their current coach. Why is Renee Lachemann (Mariners) bringing in Bobby Ayala? Why did Chuck Knox (Seahawks) run up the middle for the sixth straight time? Why is my son’s little league coach calling for the

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I love the red sky. In the late afternoon, I like to sit on my front patio (usually with my dog) and look at the red sky. My favorite time is when the sun is recently down and the red sky fades into a dark navy blue sky filled with stars. It’s amazing. Mornings in

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I really like superheroes and I love movies. So, superhero movies always get a head start in my reviews. With that in mind, I’ll start with the good. Spider-man is a good character to base a story around. He’s the first mainstream comic character to be brought into the modern age with life-like teenage angst.

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This week we wrote about barbers. My story had the feel of a little danger. It reminded me of the old Monty Python skit. Enjoy.

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