posted by Matt W on April 11th, 2014

Joe A. wrote this week that people assume you are checking off items from your bucket list anytime you do something cool after a certain age.  Apparently, they are expecting you to kick the bucket shortly. I personally have a “50 things to do in my 50′s” list to eliminate the whole death thing from my current list of things I’d like to do. I figure by the time I get around to my “90 things to do in my 90′s” list, it will have a lot of items like,”Eat vanilla pudding,” “eat marionberry pie,”and ”chase kids out of yard with a hose,” but it will be a way to push myself to the “100 things to do when I’m 100″ list.

I wrote this week about how incredibly stupid I thought a woman was for cutting her facial hair in the car, but as is always the case, there is someone that makes her look like a genius. Again, the part of the story that kills me is she actually brought a razor in the car. Now this is a woman who really wants to kick the bucket. I wonder if ”shave pubic hair in car while driving” was on her bucket list? It should be. The fact that she was driving with her ex-husband on the way to her boyfriends makes it that much better.

Click on her mugshot to read the story.

Have a great Male Pattern Madness weekend and do something that keeps you young and away from a bucket list this weekend!

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